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The advantages of choose AIKE hand dryer manufacturers
Jan 19, 2018

AIKE high-speed hand dryers, with the latest technology, provide fast drying times, environmentally friendly and durable motors, along with customized services, thus make AIKE hand dryers become the most cost-effective product on today’s market.

In the hand dryer market, as a leader in hand dryers of China, AIKE products offer better performance, lower energy consumption, more powerful functions and reasonable operating costs. They include innovative technologies such as advanced brushless motors that extend the service life of motors by 10 years while collecting the discharged water in hygienic, independent water tanks. A new generation of more powerful business hand dryers means that water is clearly blown away from your hands rather than waiting for it to evaporate slowly.

In addition, the eye catching AK2900 stainless steel hand dryer comes in a state of the art contemporary design, while also providing unbelievably fast and efficient hand drying with every use. HEPA filters can easily prevent 99.9% of bacteria in the air. As China's largest hand dryer factory, AIKE offers the highest quality polished stainless steel or brushed stainless steel or customized services, as well as having an upgraded motor and heating element that together ensure a combination of striking looks, strength and impressive drying in any washroom.

AIKE revolutionized bathroom facilities by developing hygienic, powerful, eco-friendly and cost-effective products. In addition to their technical advantages, these units also have a stylish and contemporary design that completely enhances the look of the bathroom.

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