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The Advantages Of AIKE Double Brushless Hand Dryer
Apr 20, 2018

(1) Motors: DC brushless permanent magnet motors are used and are independently developed. By electronic commutation instead of the traditional mechanical commutation, reliable performance, never wear, low failure rate, life expectancy increased by about 6 times compared with the brush motor; secondly we use imported NSK bearings, so the service life above can guarantee that our Permanent magnet brushless DC motor's main features: 1, high efficiency, because the motor itself is no loss, the overall energy-saving rate of up to 20% to 60%; 2, no dust; due to no carbon brush grinding. 3, long service life, due to small vibration, smooth operation; but the technical requirements are relatively high, the production cost is relatively high;


(2) PCB: independent research and development, multiple protection design, over-current, over-voltage, overtime, short-circuit, etc.; LED digital display design to achieve human-machine integration; zero contact smart sensor design; AK2030 also equipped with UV germicidal lamp, AK2070 with The stepless speed control function, the current PCB quality is very stable, the main electronic components we all use imported brands, such as: ST (STMicroelectronics), VISHAY (Vishay), Japan's ruby capacitor (Rubycon).


(3) High-efficiency filter: air purification filter (Haipa), the tested and filtered efficiency is more than 99%, ensuring the cleanness of the wind;

PM2.5 is 2.5 micron dust particles, and our air purification filter is 0.28~0.34 micron which is 10 times smaller than PM2.5.

(4) User Experience: Mainly the comfort of dry hands, double-sided ventilation, strong wind power, relatively high grade, and great appearance;

(5) Energy Saving / Aging: Dry hand time is 7-10 seconds;

(6) Intelligent temperature control: The standard intelligent temperature control system automatically controls heating and non-heating as the seasonal ambient temperature changes.

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