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Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser (AK1205)
Jan 31, 2018

AIKE soap dispensers have 6 features:
1.Customizable-Original or Customized Colors, Patterns, Shapes, AirSpeed etc.
2.Hygiene-Automatic touchless infrared, more hygienic
3.Waterproof-All electronic components are sealed to keep away from water
4.Durable Construction-Using thickness 304 stainless steel molded cover, stable and durable
5.Adjustable-Sensing distance adjustable and reset available, LED indicator
6.LED Indicator-Red for work and twinkling for low battery

Industry properties:
Bathing appliances (Sanitary appliances)
Application range:
Decoration, hospital, hotel, club, factory and so on.
Carton(As per customer's special necessary)
As customer's requirement
Business cooperation:
OEM, distributor, agent, factory direct supply.
Regional market:
Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East.

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