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Safety Precautions
Dec 07, 2018

A good understanding of the precautions will help you install the jet double-sided hand dryer more easily. The first is safety precautions. Before using the double-sided jet hand dryer, AIKE sincerely reminds you that if the machine is used improperly, it may cause personal injury or property damage.

Some usage methods are forbidden:

(1) Do not open the front panel of the machine, otherwise there is danger of electric shock.

(2) Do not let the child hang on the machine, otherwise the machine may fall.

(3) Do not use the machine in places where there is direct water in the bathroom or in places where condensation is likely to occur. Otherwise, electric shock and machine malfunction may occur.

(4) Do not let the machine drench water, otherwise there is danger of electric shock.

(5) Do not modify the machine and perform unnecessary decomposition, otherwise it will cause fire, electric shock and injury.

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