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Proper use of soap dispenser
Nov 27, 2017

1, the first time the use of SOAP liquid, first participate in the water to the inside of the vacuum out, in the soap liquid, in addition to the first use of SOAP liquid products in the bottle and pump head may contain some water, if it is the first time we use this problem, Because this is not the product quality problem but the product before the factory testing left. Of course, not necessarily, it is possible.

2, if the soap liquid inside the soap is too thick, it is possible to make soap liquid, so in order to dilute the soap liquid in the soap liquid bottle in a little water stir can be, can be out of the liquid.

3, soap in the dust and impurities will be blocked out of the liquid mouth, so if it is noted that soap dispenser soap liquid bottle of soap has been transformed, then should be timely change of soap, to prevent the formation of soap liquid to plug the trouble of liquid mouth.

4, if placed for a period of time in the soap dispenser is likely to agglutination some soap liquid, this time can have the following methods to deal with, if the amount of soap liquid can be stirred with lukewarm water can be, so that the soap liquid can be reduced to a liquid, if the above method is not feasible, the condensation of the soap to remove, and then participate in warm water, Many times the use of soap dispenser, so that is, cleaning the entire soap dispenser, and then from the beginning to participate in SOAP liquid can be used.

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