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Paper VS Mini Hand Dryer
Dec 30, 2017

After getting out of the toilet, usually need to wash your hands, and then need to dry it. There are two main ways to solve it: one is a paper and the other is a hand dryer. In comparison, which way of dry hand is good?

Compared with hand dryers, the way of paper to dry hand was entrenched, which derived from the living habits of most people, but there are many disadvantages in the way of paper to dry:

1. Causing secondary pollution, not healthy.

Paper cannot be completely sterile, more susceptible to bacterial infection in the air, wet bathroom, paper box warm environment is also suitable for rapid propagation of bacteria, likely to cause secondary pollution of the hands, not healthy.

2. Huge timber consumption, not environmentally friendly.

Making paper need to consume a lot of wood, which is not renewable resources, so not environmentally friendly.

3. Due to paper cannot be recycled, so it is wasteful.

After use, the paper can only be thrown into the wastepaper basket and cannot be recycled. It is wasteful. The paper towels used for disposal usually incinerate, burial and pollute the environment.

4.  It is uneconomical to use paper dry.

Usually, dry hands need to spend 1-2 papers at a time, in the case of large flow of people, each toilet supply of paper up to 1-2 volumes daily. If long-term use, the cost is too high and not economical.

5. Trash can be over.

Waste paper easily lead to the accumulation of trash to create toilet dirty environment.

6.  If out of paper, so cannot be dry hands.

After the paper is used up, if it cannot be supplemented in time, people will not be able to dry it.

7. After use, sometimes will left paper scraps in your hands.


There are three advantages to using a Mini Hand Dryer.

1. Save wood resources more environmentally friendly.

Drying hands using Mini Hand Dryer can save up to 68% of papers, eliminate the need to consume large amounts of wood and reduce the production of up to 70% of carbon dioxide.

2. Without replacement, the cost of buying paper is lower.

Mini Hand Dryer usually can be used for several years, no need to change during use, compared to long-term purchase of paper, the cost is lower.

3.    It is convenient that heated to dry hands.

Mini Hand Dryer by heating the hands drying your hands, simple and easy, dry hands are convenient.

4. Mini Hand Dryer is small size Hand Dryer, it cannot occupy large area to

install in toilet.

Therefore, compared hand dryers and papers, use Mini hand dryer is the best choice.

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