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Maintenance of stainless steel products
Dec 07, 2018

The stainless steel hand dryer not only provides a rugged outer casing, but also looks very attractive, perfectly satisfying the stylish decoration of the bathroom. However, all stainless steel hand dryers are prone to discolor over time without proper maintenance. For example: Causes dirt, accumulated dust, etc.

The method of cleaning the stainless steel hand dryer is as follows. First, the stainless steel hand dryer should always be powered off during cleaning or maintenance of the hand dryer. In addition, the bathroom contains strong acid, strong alkali cleaning products should not be spilled on the stainless steel hand dryer, bleach or other hypochlorite solution should not be used around the stainless steel surface or used directly. Finally, clean the stainless steel case with soapy water or a mild detergent, then dry it with a soft cloth and leave it for maintenance. The stainless steel hand dryer looks like new.

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