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Jet hand dryers features and instructions
Jan 29, 2018

Our jet hand dryers have seven features, 1. Automatic operations: When double hands are under an air vent, warm wind will blow out automatically so as to prevent bacterial infection. 2. Electricity-saving design: When hands leave the induction scope, this machine automatically stops work so as to effectively save energy. 3. Inside High-temperature protection: When infrared induction is blocked for a long time or blower fan has a breakdown, or the inside had a high temperature, this protective device automatically stops work. 4. Unique appearance: It can be used freely, prevent the accumulation of dust and spray and make your hands extend unrestrainedly. 5. Simple installation: Inside lock lets, you install more simple and convenient. 6. Shockproof and ultraviolet-ray-resistance shell: Adopt 100% imported high-quality plastic, which can resist both strongest shock matters and ultraviolet ray so as to keep the shell bright and durable. 7. High power and low noise: 54db noise and 1800W high power, which common dryers can't rival. Finally, our jet hand dryer can be customized.

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