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Introduced of jet hand dryer
Jan 30, 2018

Modern jet hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitary cleaners and equipment. When you wash your hands, put your hands under the outlet of the automatic hand dryer, automatic hand dryer will automatically send a comfortable warm air, quickly wet your hands to dry, and when you leave the handle dry the hand dryer When it stops automatically shut down the wind. Can be achieved without towel dry hands and prevent cross-infection of water requirements. Automatic induction high-speed hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitation devices for food manufacturers that deliver clean, hygienic, safe and pollution-free dry hands. When you wash your hands, extend your hands to the outlet of the high-speed dry cellphone. The automatic dry cellphone will automatically send the high-speed hot air to quickly dry your hands quickly. When your hand leaves the dry cell outlet, it will automatically stop working and reach the dry speed Hygiene requirements for hands and to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria.

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