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Introduce stainless steel hand dryer
Jan 25, 2018

AIKE Stainless steel hand dryers are more popular in the world, especially AK2800 and AK2900, which have passed CE, RoHS, UL, CCC certificate and selling over 110 countries. 

The feature of AIKE stainless steel hand dryers have four points. Firstly, infrared sensor design, the function is means touchless drying hands and more hygiene in people’s life. Secondly, Fashion appearance, stainless steel (304) shell, easy to clean, to avoid cross-contamination. Thirdly, energy saving and environment protection, low noise, and quick drying. Fourthly, very safe with multi-protection for over temperature, over currency and over time.

AK2800 and AK2900 can applied in office building, hotel, hospital and other public places. We are hand dryer manufacturer and provide OEM/ODM services, AIKE can according to customers needs to produce best quality stainless steel for customers.

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