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How to maintain stainless steel hand dryer
Mar 14, 2018

The stainless steel hand dryer not only provides a durable shell for any hand dryer, but also looks attractive and perfectly meets the toilet decoration. Once installed, the appearance of the dryer catches the eye as the metal glows. However, if not properly maintained, all front stainless steels tend to discolor over time.


If the metal is placed under dust or dirt and is not regularly cleaned, the ability of the stainless steel to resist corrosion when it gets wet and is not properly cleaned and dried is reduced. If you use cleaning products around your handpiece to clean other toilets that contain strong acid solutions, be careful not to spill stainless steel dryers when cleaning. In addition, if you want to preserve stainless steel, cleaning the hand dryer directly with this fluid or foam is a big problem. As a guide, bleach or other hypochlorite solutions should not be used around stainless steel surfaces or used directly.

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