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How to install Soap dispenser
Nov 27, 2017

1. Select the location to be met and drill out the bottom hole with the mixed soil wall. Then use the metal frame firmly to the wall.

2, the control box with screws firmly to the metal frame, and then put the soap dispenser box on the metal rack. (Detail: Please confirm the soap dispenser mouth and metal frame bottom of the vertical spacing, so as not to be liquid)

3, on the table to choose the position, hit the diameter of 25mm round hole, and then put the faucet, (detail: Feel the soap dispenser and between the interval, to prevent obstruction to produce; The central septal edge of the circular hole to ensure that the residue of the soap dispenser can probably drip into the sink)

4, the clamp clamp will be installed on the soap dispenser tube, and then the soap dispenser will be used to link to the faucet on the pipe, the last clamp clamp clamping.

5, the gear pump motor wire, feel the head cable, power cord According to the diagram linked to the control box. When the link feels the head cable, tighten with the nut.

6. Check if the power supply is plugged in, please plug the adaptor into the power outlet completely.

7. Please check whether the soap dispenser tube is completely linked and fastened.

8, please check this wheel pump motor wire and feel the head cable is fully linked, solid.

Soap liquid is what trust you also should fully understand it, of course, how to place a soap dispenser to make a acquaintance on the line, many are not necessary to do their own work, but also have their own hands, hope that the above knowledge can be a positive support for each individual.

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