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How to choose a hand dryer
Apr 11, 2018

When choosing a hand dryer, consumers should decide which hand dryer to buy based on their own needs and circumstances. PTC type hand dryers and electric wire type hand dryers are different. Consumers can also choose air-drying hand dryers supplemented by wind-based heat, or hot air-based hand dryers based on heat, according to their needs. When selecting electromagnetic induction hand dryers, it should be noted that such hand dryers are easily affected by the environment and objects. Choosing infrared-sensitive hand dryers should pay attention to the fact that infrared-sensitive hand dryers are also vulnerable to light interference. Consumers should try out the machines when they are buying, and select hand dryers that are not easily affected by interference. You should also pay attention to which type of motor is used for hand dryers. There are many types of motors used in hand dryers, such as capacitive asynchronous motors, shaded-pole motors, series-excited motors, DC motors, and permanent magnet motors. Capacitor asynchronous motors, shaded pole motors, and DC motor-driven hand dryers have the advantage of low noise, while the series-driven motors and the permanent magnet motor-driven hand dryers have the advantages of large air volume, and AIKE as a professional hand dryer manufacturer for more than 24 years, now the latest brushless DC motors combine these features, low noise, large air volume, and become the best choice for current hand dryers.

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