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How high is the hand dryer from the public toilet appropriate?
May 25, 2018

1. Bathroom sink size

The dimension of the lavatory lavatory lavabo that chooses has very significant influence to our future use, so how much is the dimension of lavatory lavatory lavabo good? Bathroom sink size should be

Decide according to toilet size, the smallest lavabo on the market has 310MM, other specification has 330*360MM, 550*330MM, 600*400MM,

600*460MM, 800*500MM, 700*530MM, 900*520MM, 1000*520MM, now many enterprises are providing customized bathroom, according to us

The required size and shape are customized.

2. Height of bathroom sink installation

After understanding the size of lavatory lavabo, material and toilet height are also a very important thing, lavatory lavatory lavabo

Height 800 mm, but the height should be set according to the height of our furniture in, if the family height is very high, so the height 800 mm is certainly not appropriate, should be higher than the high

Degrees, average height is not high, but if this height should be lowered, the height of toilet lavabo, whether too high or too low will affect our normal use, so at the time of installation must be to determine the height on the basis of reality.

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