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How about the sensor soap dispenser
Oct 31, 2018

The Induction Soap Dispenser is an infrared induction automatic liquid discharge machine that automatically sprays when reaching the lower part of the machine. The machine can be widely used in medical and health units, laboratories, banks, hotels, catering, kindergartens, offices and other departments. It is the best hand-washing cleaning tool to prevent cross-infection and disease from entering the hand in modern life. It is one of the important signs of human social progress and quality of life. Inductive soap dispensers offer unparalleled advantages over traditional hand washing methods: they are more economical and work-efficient, and non-contact hand washing prevents cross-contamination.

The sensor soap dispenser is one of the sanitary wares. The sensor soap dispenser can be used with hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc., and is convenient to use. Induction soap dispensers are usually placed on the side of the wash basin. Induction soap dispenser can effectively prevent cross-infection of germs, without direct contact with hands, just put your hand under the sensor soap dispenser, the soap will flow out automatically, convenient for hygiene. Induction soap dispensers are suitable for use in any public health and home, making your life healthier.

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