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History of Hand Dryer Industry: AIKE
Jan 12, 2018

The way of traditional dry hand experiences poor, inefficient, unhygienic, so AIKE began looking for fast, comfortable and an environmentally friendly way to dry. Inspired by strong winds and strong wind energy penetrating into the gaps, the company successfully developed the first high-speed hand dryer in China to become an early supplier of air hand dryers in China.


AIKE has the world's largest hand dryer R & D and manufacturing center, production bases in Hangzhou and Taizhou, with 43 core patented technologies, and independent research and development of the world's smallest high-speed hand dryers and thinnest high-speed hand dryers, which has always stood in the forefront of dry technology.


As China air hand dryer supplier and adhering to the "craftsmanship" AIKE professional focus on personality, AIKE has always insisted on the past 22 years 100% homemade parts for hand dryers tailor-made, comprehensive control of product quality.


AIKE products are well-known in more than 110 countries and regions and become the procurement designated models in London 2012 Olympic Games and Mercedes-Benz global, with millions of user testing, and redefined the "Made in China" charm, which has become one of the best China air hand dry suppliers.

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