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Hand dryers should be a must in public places
Oct 24, 2018

Hospitals are public places where patients are concentrated, and bacteria are everywhere. If you do not pay attention to hand hygiene, the germs will be imported by hand, which will spread the spread of infectious bacteria. Regular large hospitals, especially high-end private hospitals and medical examination centers, will be equipped with hand dryers and hand sterilizers to ensure that the doctors can complete the inspection or dry hands and disinfect after going to the toilet.

Doctors recommend that a dry hand dryer should be available in public toilets with large passenger flows. The temperature of the wet hands and the body surface can accelerate the growth of bacteria. It is a bad habit to use paper towels or not to dry hands. Correct hand dry hands can effectively reduce the spread of infectious diseases, and provide more protection for susceptible people such as children and the elderly.

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