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Hand dryer Basics
Jan 04, 2018

Hand dryer, a bathroom used to dry our hands hygienic appliances, divided into manual and automatic hand dryer, which is advanced and ideal for sanitary cleaning appliances and equipment in modern society.


The working principle of the hand dryer is as follows: Firstly, the sensor detects the signal. Secondly, the signal to open the heating control circuit to open the relay and hair dryer relay. Thirdly, hand dryers began to heat and hair. Fourthly, when the sensor detects the signal disappears, heating circuit and hairdryer relay off. Finally, stop heating and hair.


With people's pursuit of health, convenience and speediness, hand dryers are getting more and more popular in various large factories, hotel restaurants and office buildings, but home-mounted hand dryers have not yet been widely popularized. Although the cost of installing hand dryers are high, and many people think it is dispensable, but hand dryers are still depending on the needs of the individual. If the bathroom in the house is large and the conditions permit, consider installing a hand dryer to improve the quality of life, and it has a fast, safe, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, etc features.

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