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Electronic soap dispenser
Jun 04, 2018

A liquid soap dispenser includes a housing, a lever, and the base of the shell of a soap holder path set in the interior of the shell, a pole adapter Settings in the bar, a infrared sensor sensing the emergence of a user. Is a general continuous channels, limited to stem adapter path and soap holder, makes a long thin soap liquid soap containers delivery pipe can be inserted into the channel, from the bottom of the soap dispenser to the pipe end. The container can be mounted to the bottom of the rod adaptor. Soap holder path optimization formed complementary half, such as plastic injection molding, they cooperate with each other, provide a base from the shell to soap distribution side bend channel, and supporting sensor components.

1. A match with a liquid soap containers of liquid soap dispenser, described in the container with a slender soap distribution pipe, extend from the container, a pump used for piping described by soap points pumping liquid soap, liquid soap dispenser including: a shell, with one end and a pipe end; A rod is attached to the shell and the base end of the shell is fixed to a surface. A soap path maintainer is arranged in the shell. The soap path maintainer has an overall cylindrical channel extending from the base end near the shell to the pipe mouth end. A pole adapter pieces, installed in the stem of, stem adapter has a stated through the pole adapter qualified general cylindrical channels, described stem adapter has a bottom, fix on the soap dispenser liquid soap containers; The channel in the rod adaptor is generally aligned with the channel in the soap path maintainer to receive the slender soap distribution pipe in it; And a sensor to detect a user near soap dispenser, and when there is an detects a user, it sends a signal, so as to start the pump described, so as to supply distribution pipe through the soap liquid soap.

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