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Eco - friendly nature of hand dryer
Jan 16, 2018

Hand washing is the best way to prevent bacteria from spreading and staying healthy. Experts indicate that regular hand washing is one of the most reliable ways to avoid bad cold. In addition, research shows that four out of five people will wash their hands after having used public toilets. Although hand washing is wholesome, paper used has an impact on the environment. The amount of resources required to produce paper is huge, especially in public toilets with the flow of people is heavy.

"An average of 25 tons of water and 1368 liters of oil are required to produce a ton of paper, producing 38.7 grams of pollutants. While producing one tonne of paper, it also pollutes 75.6 tons of water, cut down 17 trees, and paper waste accounts for all of our household waste Nearly 40 %.We can imagine how many paper towels to use daily in public places, this is a tremendous damage for environment. "

AIKE is one of the famous stainless steel hand dryer manufacturers in China. Using a stainless steel hand dryer is useful to protect the environment and is more hygienic than using paper towels. Research shows that traditional hand dryers consume only one-third of the energy required to produce paper and consume only half the energy required to produce recycled paper. Now, the new generation of high-speed stainless steel hand dryers from AIKE hand dryer manufacturers have greater performance and can even completely replace paper. Therefore, the economic and environmental benefits of using stainless steel hand dryers in many large places.

Overall, the stainless steel hand dryers manufactured by AIKE hand dryer manufacturers minimize the cost of natural resources and the cost of producing and using paper towels, thus contributing to the environment and giving full play to the concept of green health.

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