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Carefully protect the hand dryer to extend the service life
Jan 13, 2018

As we all know, the correct way to wash your hands is to wash your hands with flowing water for about two minutes, and if you use liquid soap or soap to wash your hands, you need to scrub hands repeatedly, due to hands after washing very wet, so dry hands with hands dryer, to clean thoroughly. Considered those situations, many families have bought a mini hand dryer in the kitchen or bathroom.


However, when using the mini hand dryer we bought, we will also meet the problem of how to protect it. Properly protecting the mini hand dryer can prolong its useful life.


For cleaning of the mini hand dryer we bought, firstly, the power supply should be disconnected, and then remove the shell, the mini hand dryer shell dirt and induction parts, wipe with a soft cloth, do not have to use detergent, usually a month to clean once. The filter is also cleaned once a month, be careful not to use water and detergent to avoid damage.


Carefully protect the hand dryer in order to extend the service life, in the demolition and installation of hand dryers, we must be careful not to damage the parts. If the installation again after cleaning cannot normal operation, you need to check again and do not arbitrarily repair by yourselves. Finally, if you do not understand, to be sent to the business for repair is the best choice.

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