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Are Low Cost Hand Dryer Accompany with Low Performance
Dec 15, 2017

We appreciate that for some locations, the price, the appearance and the quality are all that matters. The price tends to reflect the motor life span once you have checked out the lifespan calculator for your facilities requirements. 

But cheap hand dryers are not necessarily poor performing anymore, with many offering excellent energy efficiency and dry speeds. The mini hand dryer such as AK2803 series and AK2805 series made of small body and low power fast motor, save much cost on producing. Meanwhile, because such hand dryers dry hands by blow away water on hands with comfortable temperature, they are energy efficient.

Unlike other company we do not exaggerate the performance of the product. We offer a variety of multi-color dry hand products and these products are very cost-effective. We market these products and make it clear that they are suitable for many low, even mid traffic locations. We think you will like it.

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