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Apply Automatic Hand Dryers In School
Jun 11, 2018

Compared to paper towels, automatic high-speed hand dryers can save operating costs and thus eliminate most of the maintenance work involved in bathroom maintenance (including replenishment and disposal).

In addition, replacing tissue dispensers with automatic hand dryers will greatly contribute to the goal of maintaining school toilets and reduce the chance of disruptive behavior.

In a busy school, the trash can quickly become overflowing, and wet tissue-carrying tissues spill over to the toilet floor. Students' perceptions of the school environment will have a negative impact.

AIKE hand dryer have carefully designed high-speed hand dryers with vandal-proof features, such as contactless operation,durable covering materials and stylish appearance, adding UV sterilization and efficient HEPA filter to prevent air with 99.9% of the bacteria,AIKE's manufacturer is the leader in the toilet hygiene industry.

Moreover,our hand dryers require within 10 seconds of rapid drying time,which can effectively reduce people's time stay in the toilet.

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