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Application prospect of high speed motor
May 31, 2018

High speed motor has broad application prospects in the following aspects:

(1) high speed motor centrifugal compressor in air conditioning or refrigeration has been applied and so on various occasions, and with the development of science and technology, more and more special requirements, its application will also be more and more widely. [1]

(2) with the development of the auto industry a hybrid car, small volume, light weight, high speed generator will be fully attention, and in hybrid vehicles, aviation, ships, and other fields has a good application prospect. [1]

(3) driven by gas turbine high speed generator is small in size, has high mobility, some important facilities can be used for backup power, also can be used as an independent power supply or small hydropower station, make up the lack of centralized power supply, have important practical value. [1]

Because the centrifugal force on the rotor of high speed motor is proportional to the square of linear speed, high speed motor requires high mechanical strength. Due to the high frequency of high speed motor and high iron consumption, the magnetic density in the core should be appropriately reduced when designing, and the core material with low loss should be adopted.

Bearing research is also closely related to high speed motors, because ordinary bearings cannot withstand long running time in high speed system, so new materials and bearings with new structure must be adopted. [1]

High speed motor can have many structural forms, such as induction motor, permanent magnet motor and reluctance motor. Motor in high speed rotating centrifugal force is very big, when linear velocity reaches above 200 m/s, the conventional laminated rotor unaffordable high speed rotating centrifugal force, require the use of special high strength laminated or solid rotor. [1]

In the nearly one hundred years of the development of rotor dynamics, there have been many calculation methods, and the modern calculation methods can be divided into two main categories: transfer matrix method and finite element method.

The equations of motion expressed by finite element method are concise and standardized, and there are many advantages in solving the problems of rotor dynamics or complex mechanical system composed of rotor and surrounding structures. The finite element method is more accurate than the transfer matrix method in dividing the complex rotor system. The development of modern computer technology provides good hardware technology for finite element method. [1]

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