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AIKE high-speed jet hand dryer
Feb 02, 2018

AIKE high-speed jet hand dryer has some feature. 

1. This is a high-speed hand dryer with dual wave – shape.

2. Classic design with blue LED lights when activated.

3. Easy-cleaning filter and body making it a top hygienic hand dryer.

4. This product is a breakthrough in hand drying.

5. Alternative hot & cold transfer that will dry your hands just in 7-10 seconds.

6. Elegant, ultra-modern, beautiful design and easy to install.

7. Better for the environment thanks to its low power consumption.

8. Much more hygienic than alternatives.

9. Double – HEPA filter prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses.

10. Keeping the unit clean and hygienic at all times.


World automatic hand dryer is suitable in quiet places, such as school, university, hotel, household and so on.

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