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AIKE Hand Dryer, The Bane Of Bacteria
Jan 15, 2018

The latest issue of the British magazine BMC Infectious Diseases released research results show that in the workplace after a large flow of people such as the city hall, bank offices and other places, the risk of spreading epidemic diseases is relatively high, so wash your hands can prevent the spread of infectious diseases and reduce sick.


Washing your hands frequently is an effective way to prevent the spread of large-scale communicable diseases in public places. But even the bacteria are horrible, if people can not see them, it still not helps to increase people’ s hygiene awareness. iPhone, the door handle, coins, these places are all bacteria large-scale hosting places, they line up, open fire breaks, and "wait" like humans, waiting for the scourge of those who do not wash their hands, many public service advertisings often warned: “Germs are always waiting for you”.


Moreover, the choice of dry method is also an important issue after washing hands. Because the use of towels or paper towels may cause secondary bacterial infection. AIKE as a senior manufacturer of hand dryers, with the mind of care and within reach, providing people with the best solution. Firstly, AK2006H with a DC advanced brushless motor, effectively expanding the service life. Secondly, double-sided dry hands only 7-10s, fast and efficient. Finally, except DC advanced brushless motors, which are important scientific and technological achievements of AIKE hand dryer manufacturers. HEPA filters effectively filter 99% of the bacteria in the air and ensure that there are no bacteria remaining in the hands during the whole processing.


Therefore, the most convenient way for people to routinely wash their hands and the most practical way of dry hand that AIKE hand dryer manufacturers provided, called the bane of bacteria.

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