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Wall Mounted Electric Small Hand Dryers

1. Automatic touchless infrared, more hygienic

2. Dry time within 10-15s

3. Best 304 stainless steel molded cover

4. Intelligent temperature control

5. Overtime protection



1. Drilling holes: Choose proper height to drill four holes 6 mm in diameter and press the expansion pipes into four holes location.

2. Fixing the mounting plate: Direct the installation holes of the installation panel at the expansion pipes and fix them with self- threading cross screws.

3. Installing the machine: The mounting plate has protruding hooks formed for inserting into the slots to hang the machine on it. Press down the machine until the anti-theft screw holes on machines and mounting plate are aligned.

4. Quickly dry time: fast dry your hands within 10-15s.

5. Intelligent temperature control: According to the change of temperature around the room to control the cold and warm air flow.


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Cartoon Size430*355*450mm(4Pcs)
20' GP1680Pcs
40' GP3480Pcs



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