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ABS Jet Air Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter

1. Dry time within 7 to 10 seconds.

2. HEPA Filtration System

3. Noise Control

4. Energy Efficient: saving 85% energy and cost than other hand dryer

5. DC Brushless Motor: life span for 10 years

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1. Double-Sided Pressurized Jet Exhaust: Combined with a strong 24000 RPM brushless motor, double-sided multi-directional stomata to further enhance the airspeed, thus can dry hands quickly and dry time within 7 to 10 seconds.

2. HEPA filtration system: The HEPA filter in the system allows the AK2006H to realize discharge air cleaner than air drawn in from the perimeter of the hand, which proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air. 

3. Noise Control: Add with deadening components to reduce noise pollution.

4. Core technology: DC Brushless Motor: With best 24000RPM brushless motor, stable and eco, with lower noise, and up to 10 years life span.
5. Intelligent infrared sensor: Equipped with up and down two sets of the sensing area, the sensing range is wider and more sensitive. The machine opens the work automatically when reaching into the sensing range; close the work automatically when leaving the machine, zero distance operation.

6. Energy Efficient: Jet hand dryer are saving 85% energy and cost than ordinary hand dryer, suitably applied in all areas of toilets. 



ABS Jet Air Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter can be equipped in many area toilets, which include International activities, household use, public places, shopping malls, Hilton international hotel, Food and drug factory, Traffic places, Chain catering industry etc., especially suitable for place which have huge human traffic.


Operation Method

1. Put hands into dual outlets area, has been extended into the depths, the machine starts running automatically.

2. Hands back up slowly, let the air blow off the remaining water droplets.

3.Hands left dual outlets area, clean and dry, the machine stops working automatically.



Drying Time


Motor Type

DC brushless motor 700w

Power Consumption

700w (heater off when air temp. >25°C ), 
1850w (heater on when air temp. ≤25°C)

Standby Power


Heater Type

Heating wire 1150w or custom


HEPA Filter 

Sensing Type

Touchless infrared

Air Speed

90m/s(200mph) or custom


White, Sliver or    Customized

Air Temperature

20-40℃(68°F-104°F), intelligent heater

Overtime Protection


Noise level


Water Protection


Electric Insulation

Class I

Drain Tank


Case Material

ABS Plastic

N.W /G.W


Product Size


Packing Size


20' GP/40'GP


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