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Bathroom Hand Dryers

  • Recessed Hand Dryer

    Recessed Hand Dryer

    Description 1. Fabricated matte stainless steel materials with type 304, 0.8mm; It is embedded in the wall installation in order to save the space. All-spot welding construction, one key for three lock. 2. Hand Dryer: Infrared sensor automatically control dryer on and off,...Read More
  • Bathroom Dryer

    Bathroom Dryer

    Bathroom heavy duty hand dryer can be customized for home bathroom and public. The power can be chosen, such as 500w, 1400w, 1800w, 2250w. One-piece brushed stainless steel cover for protection against rust, wear, and damage The 1.1 nozzle reduces noise level by up to 9...Read More
  • Toilet Hand Dryer

    Toilet Hand Dryer

    High speed: 60m/s. Air temperature for the Toilet Hand Dryer: 20-40 High speed: 60m/s. Air temperature for the Toilet Hand Dryer: 20-40℃. Dries hands within 10-12 seconds and drying time is 66% faster than conventional hand dryers. CE Certified and Promotes Good Hygiene -- No...Read More
  • Quiet Hand Dryers

    Quiet Hand Dryers

    QUIET OPERATION: Proper air speed and noise reduction small outlet make it low noise. Whether quiet hand dryer is placed in a library or a football stadium, it always makes less noise pollution. HIGHER POWER: Equipped with a 550 W motor that blows out drying air at 70m/s,...Read More
  • Hand Dryers For Schools

    Hand Dryers For Schools

    Durable ABS hand dryer set drain tank to prevent water drop on floor, drying hands without waste installing as office hand dryer or school hand dryer is very suitable. Product feature: 1.Wall mounted hand dryer in bathroom for school, office and home. 2.Uses Top ABS...Read More
  • Hand Blowers For Bathrooms

    Hand Blowers For Bathrooms

    Electric Hand dryer can save you thousands of dollars a year in paper towels and electricity Rated Power: 1400W, Air Velocity: 145 mph or 245mph It has strong wind power to quickly dry the hands with 7-12 seconds; its drying time is 1/3 of general hand dryer It has...Read More
Feel free to buy or wholesale bathroom hand dryers made in China in stock here from professional bathroom hand dryers manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory also supports customized products. Welcome to check price and quotation with us.