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Blade Hand Dryer

1. Automatic touchless infrared, more hygienic

2. 24000 RPM brushless motor

3. Drain tank with level window

4. Double HEPA filter

5. Best ABS antibacterial plastic material

Dual jet blade hand dryer famous for its super fast drying hands but cheaper than Dyson Airblade hand dryer price. It was built in HEPA filter and UV light to ensure hygiene. So it is more suitable for occasions which have huge people traffic.

Blade hand dryers use a strip of high velocity airflow to literally scrape water from hands. If you favor this type of dryer please find below all the available options we have.


1. A long lifetime brushless motor, 5-10 years life span

2. Fast dry time of 5-7 seconds. 50% quieter than most blade dryers

3. HEPA filter included with an integrated UV-C tube to enhanced hygienic

4. Unique water collection system excess water ends up in a tray that is easily drained.

5. Speed of motor is manually adjustable hand dryer; allows noise and energy levels to be customized to your own requirements.

6. Intelligent heating system keeps energy costs to a minimum – automatically adds heat to the airflow if the sensor detects the washroom is below 24℃, therefore aiding drying efficiency and comfort on the hands in cold environments

7. This unit will cost around 40p per 1000 dries in eco mode.

8. A very nice looking unit, enhanced by the blue dry zone’ suitable for contemporary locations.

9. CE and RoHS approved



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