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As a professional manufacturer with rich experience for more than 24 years, AIKE wide range of products includes jet hand dryer, air hand dryer, stainless steel hand dryer and small hand dryer and a variety of hand dryer electronic components. The AIKE development team is committed to integrating the latest technological and design innovations using only top-quality materials to ensure total customer satisfaction. Application cases are as follow:

International Major Cooperation Project: 2012 London Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is the most influential sports event in the world and also one of the most important activities in the world. 2012 London Olympic Games designated procurement brand of hand dryer --- AIKE hand dryer (AK2006H).

2012 London Olympic Games.jpg

Stations, Airports and Other Public Places: Ningbo Airport

Ningbo Airport in accordance with the priority of safety, service excellence development principles for passengers, cargo owners, airlines, the presence of units to provide superior protection. Hygiene and environment is extremely important in airport. As a high technology, high quality advocate, the brand of AIKE hand dryer has a very high frequency of used in the major airport in China.

Ningbo Airport.jpg


Due to hospitals are a place where cleanliness matters, automatic hand dryers are also extremely hygienic with many models including technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. AK2030 has been helping hospitals ease their burden on the environment for more than 20 years! We know that each hospital restroom has different design and application requirements, therefore there are a range of energy-efficient hygienic hand dryers to choose from, like AK2006H, AK2070, allowing your facility to choose the hand dryers with the right airflow, sound and energy levels for your facility.



AK2900 is a great suitable for schools because it offers customizable sound and air flow features to keep its volume to a minimum, so it won’t disturb classroom performance. Moreover, due to it will realize savings the economic and environmental, thus schools will also benefit from AIKE hand dryer. Switching from paper towels to energy-efficient hand dryers allows schools to conserve energy consumption, reduce on waste and save trees while also teaching students the value of your sustainability mission. 


Large exhibition hall: Canton Fair exhibition hall

Canton Fair (China Import and Export Commodities Fair) has been hold successfully for more than 60 years, which is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the largest variety of commodities and the best transaction results in China. Cooperation between AIKE hand dryer and Canton Fair for many years, was designated suppliers of the Canton Fair in 2015 to 2017, to provide 370 hand dryers for the Canton Fair exhibition hall (Pazhou Exhibition Hall) toilets. Bring healthy and comfortable dry hands experience to hundreds of millions of people every year.

Canton Fair.jpg

Restaurant Chain: KFC

KFC entered into China market for more than decades, in such a highly competitive fast food service industry, has maintained a strong momentum of development. Meticulous service is an important reason that KFC is invincible. Whenever adults or children, all have a home feeling. In order to increase customer comfort, AIKE Hand Dryers are provided (AK2630T) in toilets.


Star Hotels: Shanghai Hilton hotel

Hilton, the world's leading hotel chain, to create a "home" luxury comfort experience as the goal. Shanghai Hilton Hotel harsh requirements of the details everywhere, with the most contemporary furniture, fully functional kitchen, modern appliances, and AIKE brand products: AK2030.

Hilton Hotel.jpg

Major Cooperation Project: 2022 Asian Games Stadium

Asian Games is the largest comprehensive games in Asia, In the process of applying for the Asian Games, Hangzhou put forward the concept of "Green, intelligent, Thrifty and Civilized", and that's what we AIKE hand dryer adhere to. As a company dedicated to the development of high-speed hand dryer, AIKE automatic electric hand dryers fully embody the characteristics of "environmental protection" and "intelligence". After fierce competition, AIKE hand dryer has been chosen as official hand drying machines for 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, the Asian Games main stadium.

2022 Asian Games Stadium.jpg


The transformation that has taken place in many modern restaurant inside design over the past decade, the toilet have became an area that continues to increasingly garner attention, and the environment and style of restaurant toilets are often related to the customer's dining experience. Carefully designed washrooms will have a positive impact on the restaurant business, and hand dryer is a simple and inexpensive way to update the appearance of washroom. Moreover, like AK2800 stainless steel hand dryers can improve the environment of the washroom because they do not cause clogging of trash cans and help solve problems that paper towels can not solve.